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Apurba-Nowshin in 'Fortune'

Samakal Correspondent
It's not mandatory that person named Fortune will embrace good luck in every step.

Director Sheikh Selim makes a drama 'Fortune' which shows the bad luck of a young man who believe in luck very much. Famous actor Apurba acted in the lead role and paired with Nowshin.

Nowshin performed in the play after a-year due to busyness with radio activities.

Shooting of the play have been ended at a house in city's Uttara area.

Apurba said "The character of Nowshin is an confident woman while mine is an poor confident man who considered all his failure as bad luck. The difference between the duo results regular fight."

"I feel after reading the script that there is scope to act in the play, so I signed for it and hope the audiences will like it", Nowshin added.

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