• Sunday , 20 Aug 2017
Published : 19 Mar 2017, 12:45:46AA-A+

Ittyadi new episode set up in Sundarbans

Samakal Correspondent
The new episode of famous magazine program 'Ittyadi' has been set up near the mangrove forest Sundarbans.

The shooting of the episode was completed on March 14 in Akashnila Resort near the historic mangrove forest. The stage was set up with the background of Sundarbans and with 'Golpata'.

This program contents songs, dances, awareness programs and regular items including letters department, uncle-nephew, grandfather-grandson portion.

However, the magazine program, directed and presented by Hanif Sanket, will be telecasted in BTV and BTV World on March 31 at 8:30pm.

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