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PM for modernizing weaving industry

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Putting emphasis on modernization of weaving industry and multipurpose use of its products, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today assured of extending all kinds of cooperation for further expansion of the industry.

"Weaving is a high quality art and our aim is to expand and modernize the industry ... we are ready to extend cooperation whatever is necessary and we would continue it for the further development of the industry," she said.

The prime minister was addressing as the chief guest the first national council of Bangladesh Tanti League at the Krishibid Institution, Bangladesh auditorium at Farmgate in the capital, reports BSS.

Bangladesh Tanti League Convenor Enajur Rahman Chowdhury presided over the council, while second Joint Convenor of the organisation Sadhana Das Gupta delivered the welcome address.

"They like and wear those and in this way, if everybody uses such products, the weaving industry would be developed and enriched further," she said. 

Sheikh Hasina also mentioned that she always wear sarees made by Bangladeshi weavers as she always tries to project the country's heritage and culture before the people. 

"You have seen that after becoming the prime minister, I don't wear French chiffon ... I always wear clothes made by Bangladesh or made by local weavers whether it is cotton or synthetic, even I wear saree made from 'khaddar'," she said. 

She added: "We also have kept the sarees made by Bangladeshi weavers in the list of gifts that are presented to the foreign leaders and guests." 

The prime minister hoped that the clothes made of khaddar would regain its popularity as it is very comfortable and stable for weather of the country. 

"Once there was a huge demand of khaddar which was turned into a fashion but its demand and importance were lost gradually at the rotation of time ... I hope that khaddar would restore its past glory as it's suitable for weather," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the clothes made by the ethnic minority communities have also been turned into a fashion due to their quality. "There is a huge demand of such clothes not only in Bangladesh, also abroad," she said.

The prime minister directed the leaders and activists of Tanti League to work for the welfare of the weavers' community.

"I want that you would give attention to the welfare and development of the people and the organisation you belong to .... it is a must, doing organization does not mean sitting idle after becoming leaders," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the aim of her government is to build hunger and poverty-free Bangladesh based on science and modern technology. "Alongside, I think there is a need for modernizing weaving industry and making arrangement for training for the weavers," she said.

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