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Doob, Dhatteriki and Ahankar release on Pahela Boishakh

Samakal Correspondent
To entertain the movie lover, the directors take preparation to release their movies in the festival of Pahela Boishakh.

Till now, three movies are in the row to release, they are Mostafa Sarwar Farooki's film 'Doob', Shamim Ahmed Rony's 'Dhatteriki' and Shahadat Hossain's 'Ahankar'.

In response to a possibility that Farooki's 'Doob' would fail to be release on the festival due to some critics in the film industry, film producer Abdul Aziz said people will enjoy it on 'Pahela Boishakh'.

Other two directors said their films are almost complete and they are very much hopeful that the audiences will love the films.

Popular hero Sakib Khan and Bubly paired in the film 'Ahankar' while Arifin Shuvo and Nusrat Faria paired in Dhatteriki.

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