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Apu Biswas meets husband Shakib Khan at hospital

Samakal Correspondent
Actress Apu Biswas has met her husband Shakib Khan at a Dhaka hospital on Thursday.

Wearing Burka, she went to the hospital, this afternoon, sources said.

Minutes after entering into the hospital with her son, Abraham Khan Joy, she left the hospital on the day.

Earlier, Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan, who becomes talk of the town over the issue of his wife Apu Biswas and son, admitted to hospital this noon.

He went to the Labaid Hospital in the city's Dhanmondi area around 1:08pm. Later, he admitted to the cardiac department of the hospital.

Md. Tutul Fakir, a customer care official of the hospital, confirmed the matter to Samakal.

Shakib Khan is in the no. 504 room of the hospital's cardiac department and his treatment is now going on under Dr. Abdul Wadud Chowdhury, Tutul Fakir said.

While she was in a live programme of a private TV channel in Dhaka last Monday, actress Apu Biswas claimed that she married actor Shakib Khan.

With a six-month-old baby boy in her arm, claiming to be Shakib Khan's child, the 33-year-old Dhallywood actress acknowledged, "We had got married on April 18 in 2008."

Minutes after the claim, Shakib Khan said he will accept his son, Abraham Khan Joy, but will not recognize his actress wife Apu Biswas.

Meanwhile, a day later, Shakib Khan said there is no problem between him and Apu Biswas as those have been solved.

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