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Shakib and directors make up

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Bangladesh Film Directors Association on Monday declared withdrawal of the boycott of popular Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan for an indefinite period for his “derogatory remarks” on directors and actors.

Director General of the association Badiul Alam Khokan came up with the announcement at a press conference at the study room of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC), UNB reports.

In the press conference, he said, "Today, a joint meeting was held on May 1 in the presence of leaders of different associations of Bangladesh Film Directors' Association. On 30th April, Shakib Khan expressed his heartfelt condolences and apology to the leaders of various associations for his unexpected statement about the directors.

“In today's meeting, many leaders decided to conclude a detailed discussion on the matter and decided that it was withdrawn from the decision that the committee had earlier decided to abstain from working with Shakib Khan,” Khokan added.

Badiul Alam Khokan said “A policy will be created by a coordination committee with all the leaders of the different organizations to establish and bring the right to the environment and discipline of our film industry. After that, everyone will have to work according to the policy. If someone breaks that policy, then he will be punished.”

Film hero Shakib Khan, earlier on April 30 at about 7pm he also expressed regret to the 13 film-related organizations.

Shakib Khan expressed his sorrow over the incident saying, "I was a little distraught in the midst of a personal crisis. Then if someone is injured in my behavior and words, then I'm sorry. If some movie director gets hurt, I apologize.”

Later, director general secretary Badiul Alam Khokan said, “Shakib has apologized to the director's committee. Shakib said sorry for his absurd statement.  He made some mistakes short of experience. I congratulate him for understanding his mistake at last.”

An emergency meeting of 13 organizations was called at 12 noon on Monday. Following the meeting in FDC, the meeting decided to lift the ban on Shakib.

The Association on Saturday (29 April) boycotted the leading actor and alleged that Shakib has recently made derogatory remarks insulting the film directors while talking to journalists.

Following this, the association sent a legal notice to Shakib on April 25 and asked all directors to postpone shooting with the actor until the matter comes to an end.

Besides, the association scrapped the membership of director Shamim Ahmed Rony for continuing shooting with Shakib for new movie “Rangbazz”, violating the association’s decision.

Shakib has been hitting media headlines since his wife Dhallywood actress Apu Biswas came live on a television talk-show on April 10 and disclosed that she got married with Shakib in 2008 and the couple has a baby boy too.

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