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Remittance rises in April

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The country received $1.092 billion in remittance in April this year which is slightly up from $1.077 billion in March.

However, it is far less than last year's April when the country received $1.191 billion.

Bangladesh Bank statistics show that six state-owned commercial banks - Agrani, Janata, Rupali , Sonali BASIC and BDBL- received $260.30 million from expatriate Bangladeshis while the two state-owned specialised banks got $9.75 million, according to UNB report.

The maximum remittance came through private commercial banks as they received $810.38 million while the nine foreign banks $12.21 million.

Among the private commercial banks, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) led the chart as it received $187.13 million, followed by Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) with $72.94 million.

Of the six state-owned banks, Agrani Bank received $102.86 million, Sonali Bank $80.03 million, Janata Bank $66.10 million, Rupali Bank $11.24 million, BASIC Bank $0.07 million and BDBL received no remittance.

Among other private banks in leading positions in earning remittances are Uttara Bank ($42.02mn),Trust Bank ($39.19mn), Bank Asia ($38.89 mn), National Bank ($38.78mn), Southeast Bank $37.88mn), Pubali Bank $33.53mn), NCC Bank $33.75mn), Brac Bank $31.54mn), Al Arafa islami Bank $28.43,mn), Mutual Trust Bank $25.39 and AB Bank $20.97mn).

Of the three NRB banks, NRB Bank received $1.42 mn while NRB Commercial Bank $0.21 mn and NRB Global Bank $0.95 mn in remittance from non-resident Bangladeshis during the period.

There are some other private banks which also performed poorly in remittance earning during the period as they received below $3 million, such as Farmers Bank ($0.25mn), SBAC Bank ($2.20mn), One Bank ($0.59mn), Modhumati Bank ($0.19mn), Midland Bank ($1.40mn), Meghna Bank ($2.15mn), while ICB Islami Bank, Citi Bank NA, Bank Al Falah, and Habib Bank received no remittance during the period.

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