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Kelly Rohrbach was nervous about 'Baywatch' role

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Kelly Rohrbach says she was nervous about stepping into the shoes of actress-model Pamela Anderson for her role in 'Baywatch'.

The 27-year-old model, who plays CJ Parker in the upcoming movie adaptation of the popular TV series, says she did not want to disappoint the fans, reported Entertainment Tonight.

"(I) didn't want to disappoint. The role of CJ Parker is one everyone knows and is beloved, so obviously I didn't want to disappoint the fan base that comes with the show, and I think we didn't," says Kelly.

She adds the team has attempted to turn a dramatic TV like show "Baywatch" into a comic one.

"We brought a fresh take to it, which is more comedic in tone, and a little more sexy and spicy. (It has) a little more sass, so I think you guys will enjoy that," says Kelly.

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