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Innovation Conclave roundtable held at Samakal

Samakal Correspondent
First roundtable for Microsoft Presents Bangladesh Innovation Conclave in association with The Daily Star, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited and, SSD-Tech, organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF), was held today at the The Daily Samakal.

First of its kind, Bangladesh Innovation Conclave will be launched on May 20 with the idea to “Innovate, Challenge and Change” and, is designed to push the innovation agenda for Bangladesh.

Core objective of the platform is to establish why innovation is key for Bangladesh and its future, what does innovation mean for Bangladesh in 4th industrial space, wow do we make innovation happen, how do we push the innovation led growth in 8 region, what skill set are needed and what policy changes are needed.

The roundtable discussion was held in order to set the tone for the upcoming event on Saturday and discuss the potential topics that can add value to the innovation most suitable for the country to step ahead.

The meeting was graced by the presence of editor of The Daily Samakal, Golam Sarwar; Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Executive Director at ACI Logistics Limited (Shwapno); Zubair Ahmed, CEO and Founder at Hishab Ltd.; Syed Almas Kabir, CEO, MetroNet Bangladesh Ltd.; Mehdi, CEO, SSD-Tech; MustafizShafi, The Daily Samakal; ABM Sirajul Hossain, Chief Innovation Officer, Dnet; Saif Kamal, Founder, Toru; Shahida Sultana, (Deputy Secretary) Innovation Specialist, Access to Information (a2i) Programme, Prime Minister’s Office; Kader Abdul, PhD, CEO, Viola Vitalis;KaziMonirulKabir, Chief Innovation Officer, Spider Digital Innovations, Dubai; Prof. Syed Ferhat Anwar, Chief Advisor, Bangladesh Brand Forum and Professor at IBA,DU and,Shariful Islam, Managing Director, Bangladesh Brand Forum.

The editor of The Daily Samakal welcomed Bangladesh Brand Forum and all the participants and, urged them to bring forward a cause that will uplift Bangladesh as a nation, while Shariful Islam introduced the idea behind the conclave and how the divisional growth is required in order for the nation to actually develop.

Prof. Syed Ferhat Anwar chaired the discussion and put forth some outlines for innovation to work not only as products but as processes too.

He soon involved all the participants to present their idea of innovation that is crucial and needs to be addressed.

Kazi Monirul Kabir raised certain attention to topics that questioned the proper audience for whom the innovation is being designed and whether the education system is under consideration for such innovation or not.

He also mentioned that innovation should be considered not only by small, but larger and structured organizations as well.

Later on, the rest of the members highlighted the small yet significant innovations that has changed and uplifted Bangladesh in terms of economy.

Shahida Sultana mentioned that the government has been involved in innovative solutions for the mass people, especially in rural areas.

Syed Almas Kabir emphasized on new products and services innovated, and implemented by and, in Bangladesh that has so far resolved a lot of common issues of the citizens.

The Microsoft Presents Bangladesh Innovation Conclave In Association with The Daily Star, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited and, SSD-Tech is supported by Microsoft Bangladesh Limited as Title Sponsor.

The event is organized in association with The Daily Star, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited and SSD-Tech.The Daily Samakal, Spider Digital Innovations, IBA Alumni Association andICSB Bangladeshare Strategic Partners. Le Méridien, Dhaka is the Event Partner, while Terracotta is the Branding Partner, Ekattor TV and Radio Today 89.6fm are Media Partners, Masthead PR is the PR Partner and WebAble is the Social Media Partner.

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