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Nusraat's costume in ‘Boss 2’: Legal notice over removal of the video song

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A Supreme Court lawyer has sent a legal notice to Jaaz Multimedia to remove the video song, ‘Allah Meherbaan’, in ‘Boss 2’ movie that created much social media protests across the country.

Notice asked the authorities concerned to remove the video song from YouTube within three days.

Lawyer Muhammad Huzzatul Islam has sent the notice by post on behalf of Supreme Court lawyer Md. Azizul Bashar.

Earlier the social media goers across the country have shown and written their thoughts when someone protested over Nusraat Faria's costume in a video song from her forthcoming movie, ‘Boss 2’.

Some social media goers were praising while some were condemning her for the costume by their comments and replies in the social media especially through the facebook.

Nusraat, one of the country’s new generation film stars, has also come under fire by social media users for her choice of costume in the latest music video, titled ‘Allah Meherbaan’ in‘Boss 2’.

The video song from her forthcoming movie, ‘Boss 2’, was released just ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, according to UNB report.

The song starring Jeet and Nusraat Faria (singers Nakash Aziz and Jonita Gandhi) was shared on the official Facebook page of Nusraat. It is also available on YouTube.

The film, directed by Baba Yadav and co-directed by Abdul Aziz, is expected to be released ahead of the upcoming eid.

“This costume doesn’t go with the song Allah Meherbaan. Just think of it once as you are a Muslim…I haven’t made this comment to insult you, but I made the comment as a fellow Muslim. Sorry, sorry, sorry for my comment,” one of the Facebook users commented.

 A female Facebook user, however, praised Faria and wrote, “Wow! Apu (sister), really an extraordinary song! Such song and entertainment are only possible in your movie. Keep it up Apu (sister).

Another Facebook said the opposite and mentioned, “I don't have any problem by what she wears. She can wear anything she wants. But putting Allah's name in an item song is just disgusting. Shame on such people#shame on you being a Muslim u r (you’re) doing this.”

“I feel ashamed [of] as a Muslim,” Hridoy Hossain commented.

Another follower wrote, “Stupid work indeed. Stupidity knows no law! Name of Allah with nudity."

"Nusraat Faria you are stepping down day by day,” wrote Farjanul Haque.

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