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Have spent a busy time during Eid days: Popy

Samakal Correspondent
Glamorous actress Popy passed her Eid days with a busy schedule. Today Asian TV will air a drama 'Oti Chalaker Golay Dori' where she has performed in one of the key characters.

Meanwhile, she is the guest at a live programme titled 'Houseful' in private TV channel, BanglaVision. During the live programme she will talk about her career, role in movies and dramas and other cinema related issues.

'I happily spent the Eid days with my family in Khulna. I met my friends and relatives. Many of them visited my home,' the actress expressed while talking about her Eid days.

She also commented her dramas that were aired on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr celebration received a better response from the audiences.

During the Eid celebrations, two of her dramas 'Mental' and 'Oti Chalaker Golay Dori' and a tele-film 'Dupur Akashe Akla Chil' have already been aired on three private TV channels.

When asked about the live TV programme she said, 'Yes, I will be present as a guest at a phone-live program 'Houseful' on 'BanglaVision'. At the program, we will make a lot of fun and talk about the movies in which I have played alongside other issues. The show will be broadcast this afternoon.'

'Though the date of shooting is yet to be finalized, the shooting of one of her cinemas titled 'Rajpothe Achi' will begin soon. Hopefully, the exact schedule will be finalized within a couple of days', the actress said about her new film.

'I will be seen in the role of a female police officer in the film. The character's name is Shuvrata. Zaid Khan will play against me in the film' she disclosed.

Some of the films of the talented actress are waiting to be get released. It includes Saddam Hussein's 'Biye Holo Bashor Holona', Mithur's 'Mon Khuje Bondon' and Abdullah Al-Mamun's 'Dui Baiyayer Kirti'

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